Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google Plus Badges

Google plus is a week old, but already has people that are making badges and banners for google plus.

This is a list of the work and the respective Google Plus user that made it (originally posted ):

If you know more Badges, banners, or pictures related to google plus, leave a link in the comments section :)

Badge Made by HTML code
Badita Florin
<a href="
00/gigi6.png"><img alt="&
quot; border="0" id="BLOGGE
uot; src="
/gigi6.png" style="he
ight: 62px; width: 200px;" /></a>
Badita Florin 222

Nick Biussy 1493
Chrome os eu 1493
Matthew Marley 1493
Badita Florin 1493
Badita Florin 1493
Brandy Davis 0283 1493
Raha Mutisya 1493 1493
Shalom Buraka 3829 1493
Brandy Davis 0283 1493


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