Saturday, July 2, 2011

Google Releases the biggest Spam Bot in the world with Google Plus

An interesting article by David Naylor

Testing of the Google Plus site has revealed that the latest offering from the online giants is a cloaked version of a spam bot that potentially is going to cause issues for millions of online email users.

So where does the problem arise?

The fact that Google Plus allows non Google Mail accounts to be placed into the contacts list within the site has opened up a huge security issue for email users based on the fact that Google have allowed you to share anything that you wish with huge contact lists, regardless of whether they use Gmail or not.

Here is an image of the screen box that you are presented with when you select to share something with your contacts, make sure to take note of the highlighted area as this is the extension of your ‘social circle’.

The adding of comments, links, videos and pictures has now become easy for those who are looking to use the site but the danger begins when malicious spammers begin to breach the Google Plus homepage and begin to share Trojans, viruses and botnets cloaked within links.

You can read the rest of the article here :

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