Saturday, July 2, 2011

Top 10 most wanted features in Google Plus

  1. Nested Circles . People Want Inception . A circle within a circle.
  2. The ability to change the picture when sharing a link
  3. Better Streams control. The ability to hide a circle from the main timeline. Right now 90 % of the posts comes from 10 -20 people.
  4. A video Page . Right now you can see all of your images, but you can not see a history of the videos that you posted
  5. Better notification handling. Right now when you click and see that 3 people commented on a post, you will see only the last comment. It would be useful to see from your last comment.
  6. Merge google accounts. Some people have one google account and others that are using for apps development.
  7. The ability to find people based on location.
  8. Integration with google docs. So people can share a question easy , share a documnet with your family, etc.
  9. Iphone App . I see a lot of talking of people considering to buy Android phones just that they can use Google Plus.
  10. API for External Development
What do you think of the list ? There it`s something else that needs to be added ? Or a feature that does not deserve to be there. Leave a comment and express your opinion.


  1. Honestly, my biggest hope for Plus' API is that they use OAuth to allow other sites to send notifications to Plus. It's less intrusive than getting email notifications and you could use it for more trivial stuff. (e.g. someone response to a post you made on a forum.)

  2. Strong agreement to nested circles - circles are on of G+'s key features, and nesting makes using them waaaay more easy and powerful.

    Also, being able to _subtract_ circles would be great - "this is to Friends _except_ those in Work"; "this is public _except_ to Family".

  3. I would say one of the most wanted features right now is Google Apps support ;-)

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  6. No 3 - I'd like to view my stream without those in my "heavy poster" circle; I'll view them at my leisure.

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