Monday, July 11, 2011

Google Plus reached over 7 million users

A simple search for "a" using the Search bar at the top display over 7 millions users.

How many days do you believe that will pass until Google Plus reaches 8 million users ?


  1. It just did. However, I don't think they are all Google+ users since the search show profiles.

  2. i now the third one, it's from romania

  3. I think google plus will take the lead because acordin to this site clavier , 7 million american desactivated their fb account I wonder how will they response to that :) .
    P.S the original clavier article is in arabic for a tranlated copy use google translate plz

  4. Hmm, I did the same search today and got "About 40,400,000 results"... Are you sure this is an accurate way to measure Google+ users? :-b

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