Monday, July 11, 2011

Google Plus reached over 7 million users

A simple search for "a" using the Search bar at the top display over 7 millions users.

How many days do you believe that will pass until Google Plus reaches 8 million users ?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google+ Cheat Sheet

This Cheat Sheet is very useful if you just arrived in Google Plus or if you use the keyboard a lot.

The name of the autor is Simon Laustsen

Google Plus Badges

Google plus is a week old, but already has people that are making badges and banners for google plus.

This is a list of the work and the respective Google Plus user that made it (originally posted ):

If you know more Badges, banners, or pictures related to google plus, leave a link in the comments section :)

Badge Made by HTML code
Badita Florin
<a href="
00/gigi6.png"><img alt="&
quot; border="0" id="BLOGGE
uot; src="
/gigi6.png" style="he
ight: 62px; width: 200px;" /></a>
Badita Florin 222

Nick Biussy 1493
Chrome os eu 1493
Matthew Marley 1493
Badita Florin 1493
Badita Florin 1493
Brandy Davis 0283 1493
Raha Mutisya 1493 1493
Shalom Buraka 3829 1493
Brandy Davis 0283 1493

How to speed up Google Plus adoption rate.

  • If you are a business owner, cut all of your employees salary by 5 % and promise a 5 % raise to all employees that have a Google Plus account. Be harsh to them, don`t give them invites.
  • If you are a religious figure, proclaim that Facebook it`s evil and if they want redemption, they will need a Google Plus account and they will need to add you in a circle. They will have to prey to get a invite.
  • If you are the president of a country of two, change the law so that without a google plus account you cannot leave the country. Then bankrupt the country so that people will start trying to move to other country’s .Change the law again : “The only legitimate way to get a Google Plus invite it`s by paying a fee to the president for a invitation.”

If you do not have some kind of "super power",try this :

  1. If you live with your parents, threat them that you will leave home if they will not get a Google Plus account.
  2. If step 1 fails, go to step 2 : At least ask them to delete their Facebook profile.
  3. Step 3 : Leave home and hate Facebook.
If you now more funny ways to help Google Plus to grow faster, leave a comment and tell us how.
We will edit this article and add the most interesting comments.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Move2Picasa - Export your Facebook pictures to Google Plus

If you want to move all of your facebook photos to picasa,the easiest way to do it is by using

First : Login with Facebook
Second : Allow Permission for the Facebook app

Third : Connect to Picasa
Fourth : Grant Access
Five : Wait and check Picasa after 1-2 hours.
So if you want to import ALL of your pictures ( you cannot select what pictures to import ), go to before facebook shutdown this application too . See this older article to find out what other apps facebook closed so that people cannot export stuff from facebook.

Thanks to Eric Eduard Polec and Liviu Mihai for helping me discover this useful site.

2nd List of Photographers on Google+

I have posted a while back that Trey Ratcliff was an interesting idea for people that want to add other photographers.

Part 1 it`s now closed, having more then 500 comments, but you can drop your name at part 2 - Photographers.
Be sure to hurry, the 2nd List of Photographers on Google+ has over 200 comments in one day. Link :2nd List of Photographers on Google+

Google Plus +1engagement

Congrats for Bradley Horowitz and Irene Au .
Congrats for making Google Plus and congrats for the engagement :)

Irene Au - 3:43 PM - Public
Thank you for the warm wishes! We're so delighted!

+Bradley Horowitz, I count my blessings every day that you are in my life. I love you too! xoxoxoxo
Bradley Horowitz's profile photoBradley Horowitz originally shared this post:
She said yes!

Having gotten through the trivial detail of launching Google+ (!), I recently turned my attention to even more important matters...

In the beautiful Parisian dusk, dining under the stars at Lasserre, I popped the question... and+Irene Au agreed to marry me!

+Irene Au, I love you with all my heart and cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you...
They have :
  • +862
But this numbers are just statistics , they have something more important, love:)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

[Yahoo way] Export your facebook friends to google plus

Get *your* data contact out of Facebook, whether they want you to or not. You gave them your friends and allowed them to store that data, and you have right to take it back out! Facebook doesn't own my friends.

This it`s what a very downloaded extension from google web store promise to do.
And it did, but for a limited time. Facebook now closed the application.

There is another way to export your facebook friends to google plus, using yahoo mail.

2 : Click the : "Create new Account"
3 : Create your account.

4 : Click on “Contacts” button then click on “Import Contacts” button.

5. When you will see something like this :

Share with Yahoo!

Do you want to share your contacts with Yahoo!


6. Now goto and click on Yahoo!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ashton Kutcher started using Google Plus

The first Hollywood figure to start using Google Plus it`s no other then Ashton kutcher , a twitter celebrity with more then 7 millions followers.

He is currently the 26 most "circled' persons on Google Plus, with over 1000 people following him.

We don`t know yet how many people are using Google Plus, but given the numbers or followers of the top 100 accounts, we don`t believe that the number it`s greater then 500.000 - 1.000.000 accounts.

Ashton Kutcher currently follows 2 accounts, one it`s Marshable , and the other it`s Soulja Boy , a YouTube sensation

Google Plus for customer support

Google Plus can be used to simplify the customer support experience.

Imagine that the only thing that you will need to do it`s to give them a call on Google Voice, and there you have it, at the end of the line you have a real person, ready to help you with your problem.

the same can be with video, the bussines can jave a all day hangout and when somebody needs to resolve something with the customer support, they will join a hangout, and and the end of the conversation you can even smile at the persons, and tell them how much you appreciate there work

Google Plus for business

Google Plus can help exchange the way business does contests online.

Imagine a radio show or a TV show having a contest. :
The first 10 people that join a hangout will win a free 25 $ gift certificate.

the first 10 persons that join a hangout need to answer 2 questions . If they answer it correctly, they will win a VIP ticket to a concert.

If you like this article,maybe you will like the next one Google Plus For customer support.html

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Make Google Plus look Like Facebook

How To

First install Stylish to use this style and then, install the user script, Or: install as user script It’s that easy !! Try this out guys, and let me know if it works for you, and if you liked it ! This one make you feel comfortable with Google+ if you are a hardcore Facebook fan.

Google Releases the biggest Spam Bot in the world with Google Plus

An interesting article by David Naylor

Testing of the Google Plus site has revealed that the latest offering from the online giants is a cloaked version of a spam bot that potentially is going to cause issues for millions of online email users.

So where does the problem arise?

The fact that Google Plus allows non Google Mail accounts to be placed into the contacts list within the site has opened up a huge security issue for email users based on the fact that Google have allowed you to share anything that you wish with huge contact lists, regardless of whether they use Gmail or not.

Here is an image of the screen box that you are presented with when you select to share something with your contacts, make sure to take note of the highlighted area as this is the extension of your ‘social circle’.

The adding of comments, links, videos and pictures has now become easy for those who are looking to use the site but the danger begins when malicious spammers begin to breach the Google Plus homepage and begin to share Trojans, viruses and botnets cloaked within links.

You can read the rest of the article here :

Top 10 most wanted features in Google Plus

  1. Nested Circles . People Want Inception . A circle within a circle.
  2. The ability to change the picture when sharing a link
  3. Better Streams control. The ability to hide a circle from the main timeline. Right now 90 % of the posts comes from 10 -20 people.
  4. A video Page . Right now you can see all of your images, but you can not see a history of the videos that you posted
  5. Better notification handling. Right now when you click and see that 3 people commented on a post, you will see only the last comment. It would be useful to see from your last comment.
  6. Merge google accounts. Some people have one google account and others that are using for apps development.
  7. The ability to find people based on location.
  8. Integration with google docs. So people can share a question easy , share a documnet with your family, etc.
  9. Iphone App . I see a lot of talking of people considering to buy Android phones just that they can use Google Plus.
  10. API for External Development
What do you think of the list ? There it`s something else that needs to be added ? Or a feature that does not deserve to be there. Leave a comment and express your opinion.

Most "followed" people on Google plus

Google Employee Tilek Mamutov made a top 8 most followed people on Google plus.

CircleRank :) Google+ users who have the most people adding them to Circles.
5795 +Vic Gundotra (Senior VP Engineering, Google+ team)
3943 +Robert Scoble (Tech Enthusiast and Blogger, Rackspace)
3183 +Larry Page (CEO and Co-founder, Google)
3057 +Matt Cutts (Head of Webspam Team, Google)
2997 +Bradley Horowitz (VP Product Management, Google+ team)
2994 +Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook)
2549 +Sergey Brin (Co-founder, Google)
2186 +MG Siegler (Writer, TechCrunch)
It`s interesting that Larry Page it`s only at number 3, and Sergey Brin it`s the 7th.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook it`s number lucky number 6.

It`s interesting to see if the big players from twitter will adopt Google Plus, i would love to Hangout with Austin Kutcher or Obama :)

Google Plus Photographers

Interesting idea from Trey Redcliff

The link is here

We did a public post saying basically if you are a photographer, leave a comment so that people know that you are a photographer , and they will add you to the circle of Photographers.

Photographers on Google+ -- I'm making a list here so I (and YOU) can make a Circle of Photographers to follow. So, put your "Me!" below, and people should be easily able to add you to a circle by hovering over the name.

It generated 79+, 367 comments and 19 people shared that post .

If you know good uses of Google + , drop a comment